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BP continues to play games with Deepwater Horizon claimants


Nearly six years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, and one year since the Supreme Court of the United States told British Petroleum to pay claims as the company had promised in its 2012 settlement, evidence continues to demonstrate that BP stands for Broken Promises, not British Petroleum.

BP’s CEO, its lead attorney, and other company executives have said on numerous occasions that BP wants to pay all legitimate claims arising out of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Disaster. The company, says these executives, wants to “do the right thing.” Actions of course speak louder than words.

BP Claim Appeal 202624

This claim appeal, issued today in redacted format to protect confidentiality, perfectly illustrates the depths BP will go to deny the payment of perfectly legitimate claims.

On the day of the spill, this claimant owned a business that had been in operation since 1959. The business was an “Inc.” Sometime after the spill the company converted to a LLC. Everything else remained the same. The products offered for sale, the employees, the owner, the location – everything. The only thing that changed was a corporate document was filed changing the company’s name from ACME, Inc. to ACME, LLC.
ACME, LLC then filed a claim for losses as a result of the spill. Hold on says BP, how could ACME, LLC have been harmed by the spill if it wasn’t even in business on the day of the disaster? BP says that only ACME, Inc. can file the claim (even though it has been absorbed into ACME, LLC).
Here we have a company that has been around for nearly 60 years, that was clearly harmed by the spill, yet BP wants to deny compensation based on some corporate legalese and filing minutia. What happened to wanting to do the right thing by those you harmed BP? Of course, this behavior is nothing new and is modus operandi for the company and how it continues to approach all 70,000 claims still pending. If there is any opportunity, no matter how absurd, for BP to shirk its responsibility, its promises to the Gulf, and the mandate of the Supreme Court, BP will jump at it.

What BP Says v. What BP Means

They say: “The settlement is placing large sums of money today and tomorrow and next week into the hands and the communities of the Gulf, the victims of this tragic event. We believe that it’s fair, just and reasonable, and that this process should not be interrupted or stopped based upon the objections of the few for the purpose of injuring the many who need to be compensated now.” – BP Lead Attorney, Richard Godfrey

They mean: “Good luck collecting from us. We talk a big game but will tie this thing up for years in the court system and the court of public opinion. Your names will be Mud once we get done with you.”


They say: “BP made a commitment to help economic and environmental restoration efforts in the Gulf Coast, and this settlement provides the framework for us to continue delivering on that promise, offering those affected full and fair compensation, without waiting for the outcome of a lengthy trial process.” – BP CEO, Bob Dudley

They mean: “We can litigate this thing until the cows come home. Obviously, money is not an issue for us. We have yet to meet a contract we can’t renege upon. Indeed you will wait – and you will like it – as we file meritless appeal after meritless appeal!”


They say: “Like any settlement, the settlement that has been reached to resolve this litigation is a compromise, a yielding of the highest hopes in exchange for certainty and resolution. The settlement stands alone, however, in its substantive generosity to the class members and in its procedural fairness.” – BP Lead Attorney, Richard Godfrey

They mean: “Ha! We don’t compromise you idiots! Our hopes are higher than ever! We are indeed certain and resolute that you all will be old men, accepting five cents on the dollar for your losses, by the time we’re done with you.”


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  1. David Herman says:
    up arrow

    That is why we forensically check each claim and stay om top of it until it’s paid, loan out cash and process successfully. Already received over $50 million in settlements for 100 clients at over 90% of estimated value.

    • Tom Young says:
      up arrow

      David – I find it very difficult to believe that your original claim calculations derived under Exhibit 4C analysis continue to maintain 90% of their value under Policy 495. If on the other hand you are saying that you have internally revalued all of your claims in the face of this matching protocol and are enjoying a 90% success rate, then I suppose that is theoretically possible, but still quite unlikely, in my opinion.

  2. Kindra Arnesen says:
    up arrow

    We have a legitimate claim. Our fisheries are falling apart. We have been investigated, and put on hold for over 2 years! At this point we’ve had to sell personal property, and we have lost a mortgage, yet we keep hearing WAIT. While the attorneys, Juno’s office, the Freeh group, everyone is getting paid, we WAIT. Our health, fisheries and future have been devastated.

  3. Kim Lirette says:
    up arrow

    This is so sad that the commercial fishermen got go threw and wait. Been with a lawyer for years now and don’t even hear nothing on my claim. Here we are almost six dam years putting up with this mess. Losing our belongings and ruined our good credit we had before spilled. Well it’s time something happen with the bullshit BP Destroyer doing. Are it’s more than time we the commercial fishermen need to pull together. And start like them crazy people overseas are doing with the big oil fields. They just lucky we not yet like the people in ISIS with this big no good company. I sure hope the oil prices never get to climb back up. Let them guy feel like us getting the run rounds and losing things. Thanks Tom Young and Real Coastal Warrior for all y’all doing for us. Wishing y’all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s. But as for as BP I would like to see the oil prices keep falling.

  4. Chris Dutery says:
    up arrow

    David Herman’s firm’s marketing strategy is to provide inaccurate and misleading information to take advantage of uninformed claimants. Im sure these latest “statistics” are just more of the same.

  5. Jennifer says:
    up arrow

    Our GOVERNMENT should step up give BP a deadline to settle and pay all claims. IF BP doesn’t meet the deadline fine them a BILLION dollars a day til they do.

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