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Is BP a bully?

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Or alternatively, does BP hate God?

Reading the literally thousands of baseless appeals that BP has filed under the terms of its own Settlement Agreement, I came across this one, Appeal 2013-2027. The claimant is a church located somewhere along the Gulf coast which experienced a loss of revenue after the spill.

Now, churches, synagogues, museums, charities, and all manner of non-profit organizations were some of the first to experience the economic fallout from the disaster. I mean, what’s the first thing you do when you lose your job? Or even when you simply fear you may lose your job? You certainly don’t become a philanthropist. And if you are a regular tither, you probably reduce your contributions or eliminate them altogether. Yet BP, like a schoolyard bully taking lunch money from an underclassman, tries to deny this most obvious of causal connection.

And don’t think it is just this one church BP is trying to squeeze, no, they don’t want to compensate any non-profits and have vowed to appeal to the highest levels.

BP tries to deny compensation to a church that lost parishioners and donations after the Deepwater Horizon spill.

BP tries to deny compensation to a church that lost parishioners and donations after the Deepwater Horizon spill.

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  1. Eyeswideopen says:
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    BP advertises and talks a great game about thier commitment to the gulf. But crafted a settlement designed to exclude so many. I guess it goes back to who or what they intended to pay.

    The excluded & causation denials have sky rocketed over the last several weeks. These are claimants that have a loss due to the spill saving BP billions.

    The uncapped statement is false as BP fights to keep the cost below the 9.8 billion dollar estamate. More losers coming with little or no recourse.

    Thanks BP

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