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NWF Report: Gulf Still At Risk After BP Oil Spill


A report by The National Wildlife Federation examines the health of the Gulf’s wildlife and wetlands. Impacts from the BP Gulf oil disaster in 2010 will be preset for years if not decades and many species of wildlife will need the combined efforts of regulators, scientists and policymakers to recover.

Report Highlights Include the following:

The poor health in dolphins in the most heavily oiled areas and more.

The Gulf’s already-endangered sea turtle population has been severely suffering since the oil disaster and more.

“It’s important to remember what we don’t yet know. Previous catastrophes like the Exxon Valdez have shown that impacts of oil disasters last many years or even decades,” Senior Scientist Dr. Doug Inkley.

Download the full report: A Degraded Gulf of Mexico: Wildlife and Wetlands Two Years Into the Gulf Oil Disaster (pdf)

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