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Sick Fish Found In Gulf Two Years After BP Oil Spill


Tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of the massive 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Eleven people were killed and over 87 days, spewed over 200 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf.

But today, scientists are talking about the trouble they are having with sick fish that linger along offshore reefs as well as in deep waters – particularly those places that the oil spill affected the most.

While scientists are uncertain what may be causing a small percent of fish they’re catching to have strange black streaks and open sores, the bigger question is if contaminants from the BP spill are the cause.

A report by Al-Jazeera English, Gulf Coast fishermen as well as scientists have found "disturbing numbers of mutated shrimp, crab and fish."

BP contends that seafood in the area is safe.

“Seafood from the Gulf of Mexico is the most tested in the world, and, according to NOAA and the FDA, it was safe prior to the spill and is just as safe now,” BP told Al-Jazeera in a statement.

The BP Settlement in Principle was made public yesterday. You can view it in its entirety here.

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