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Mayday, a PAC to end all PACs



You may have heard of this new Super PAC designed to put all Super PACs out of business. It’s called the Mayday PAC (b/c first, it’s a nod to the critical status of our hijacked democracy, hence “Mayday!” and second, I think it started in the month of May).

Mayday will only fund candidates who pledge to renounce big money from both The Left and The Right, and once elected, support campaign finance reform so that neither The Koch Brothers nor George Soros control the legislative process.

Mayday’s goal is to eventually make itself obsolete and self destruct. In other words, it’s a PAC to end all PACs. It’s a brilliant idea.

By Friday, Mayday must raise $5 million. It’s a self-imposed deadline. Otherwise the dream will end and we can all blame ourselves. As of this writing, the tally stands at $2,663,160. So there is a bit of last minute work to be done.

I hope you’ll pledge what you can. And not to worry, it is just a pledge – a promise to pay – if and only if the $5 million threshold is reached will your credit card be charged. If we fail, you can say you tried, but you won’t lose a dime.

Who’s with me? Make it a July 4th birthday gift to your country.

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