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DealerCoalition.com launched to help car dealers fight Volkswagen


Today The Law Office of Thomas L. Young, P.A. launched DealerCoalition.com, the first and only website dedicated exclusively to assisting auto dealers in filing lawsuits against Volkswagen. Car dealers, new and and used, VW franchisees and otherwise, are experiencing staggering losses due to Volkswagen’s deception. Losses for Volkswagen franchisees include devalued inventory, reputational harm and loss of key employees to competitors. Franchisees of other manufacturers (GM, Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes, Kia, Hyundai, etc) also likely have some of the affected vehicles in stock that have been taken on trade. Worse for these dealers is that for the past several years, at least since 2009, they have unknowingly competed against Volkswagen dealers on an uneven playing field, forced to sell against a product whose performance and emissions characteristics were grossly overstated. The result for competing dealers and brands was less sales and lost profits.

Our law firm is teaming with dealer counsel from across the country to bring these cases to trial. At DealerCoalition.com, dealers can learn about the various routes to recovery, including filing suit pursuant to the Lanham Act as well as other unfair and deceptive trade practices laws.

Several dealer lawsuits have already been filed against Volkswagen. We will pursue these cases on a contingent basis, meaning there are no fees or costs to our dealer clients unless and until we succeed. This is critical, as most dealers are accustomed to paying hourly rates to attorneys whether they prevail or not. Now is not the time to further burden already struggling dealers.

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