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Fleet Owners Affected By Volkswagen’s Deception


Lost in the hub-bub about Volkswagen’s deception in fooling regulators is the very real economic damage being experienced right now by a certain group of American businesses. Fleet owners, such as corporate operators and rental car companies, have been left holding the bag because of Volkswagen’s deception.

The economic impacts are clear. The value of fleet assets has decreased and will continue to do so as this scandal expands. When fleet owners look to liquidate affected vehicles, they may do so at a loss.

As bad, fleet vehicles often act as collateral in financing arrangements. When the collateral is devalued, creditors may call the loan or otherwise require a pledge of additional security. All of this increases the cost of doing business and may jeopardize the very existence of lesser operators.

Fleet owners have been, and will continue to be, harmed by Volkswagen’s deceptive acts, and thus deserve compensation for their economic losses. Our law firm represents fleet owners and dealers and will be filing suit on their behalf.

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Consumers are not the only victims of Volkswagen’s deception. Fleet owners, such a rental car companies and large corporate concerns, will also experience significant losses.

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